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be immediately followed by another work by the same eminent practitioner.

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nerve involved. The sores may be touched repeatedly

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est brain workers and the great masters of men alwaj^

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is rational; severe pain in the head, which is very hot; pupils cannot be ex-

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fact, that by their means one may distinguish an independently pulsating tumour,

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tumours — we come to the consideration of those tumours whose

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day or two. But never is it true that stomach and in-

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an inch between the sixth and seventh vertebra. It had broken the upper edge

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cases, of which 4 were not in any way benefited, 3 were cured, and 5 con-

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into a jar, in which the vapour of nitrite of amyl was diffused in the

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Stewart's Trans. A male still-born child presented the following appear-

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" In reply to the queries of our highly respectable correspondent, we have no

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on capital pimisbments be adopted, and that the offence be consi-

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mically, all its constituents are diminished, especially the water

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came on in about 48 hours from the time he was wounded, and no doubt

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of the eye." To it the muscles of the eyeball are attached.

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Exophthalmic goiter is the third form, seen in men and

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of the stomach, or even of perforating its walls. Secondly, of divid-

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For, first, the material contained in this first part is so rich and

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on the fifth edition now presented is almost superfluous. The

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by disease of the heart, but have overlooked the deficiency that must necessarily

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although no blood-corpuscles are found to accompany the albumen

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had already effected augured well for his own prospects, and

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and that which reaches the largest size is the colloid bronchocele.

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sores alone, although it was observed that the pus contained small

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pie, or pudding may be taken at dinner. Coffee or tea if

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that in this case I should have ever succeeded in passing a bougie.

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catarrh. There w«r cough, with ropy mucous expectoration, general

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He boiled a portion of the human body with the eighth of a grain of arse-

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have had a more readable and more handy work. At the

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each puncture (save two) seemed to add fresh vigour to the muscles.

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On the living, we can only partially examine the surface of superficial bones,

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latter class are in man the most important^ and are^ or otherwise